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Diabetes: Massage and Low Light Laser Therapy

By: Sarah Mertyris, CMT. & Lisa Sullivan, NSRT Twenty-five million Americans are diabetic. Another 79 million are pre-diabetic. With those kinds of statistics, it’s a rare day that we don’t have someone on our massage table affected by this disease. Very few are here to treat their diabetes with massage, yet they reap the benefits … Continue reading

Natural Anti- Inflammatory Foods and Supplements That Help Arthritis

by: Dr. Leo Galland. Arranged by Mandi Singleton Here’s a look at some alternative natural remedies for inflammatory arthritis. There are natural anti-inflammatory foods and herbs & spices that can help with arthritis, as well as supplements. Arthritis—inflammation of the joints—is the most common cause of disability in the U.S., affecting 43 million people and … Continue reading

Arthritis: Massage and Low Light Laser Therapy

By: Sarah Mertyris, CMT; & Lisa Sullivan, CMT As many as 1 in 5 Americans live with arthritis, a joint disorder that involves inflammation of one or more joints. Depending on the severity of the condition and the location of the arthritis, this disease can range from causing moderate discomfort on one end of the … Continue reading

Sore muscles from your new workout routine?

A study released this past week shows that massage after exercise may not only help relieve soreness, but it may also help your muscles become fitter, faster. The study shows that massage switches on genes that decrease inflammation in muscles. Massage also activates genes that promote the creation of mitochondria in muscle cells. Mitochondria are … Continue reading

New Years’ Resolutions Getting the Best of You?

By: Sarah Mertyris, CMT and Lisa Sullivan, CMT We do it every year; we make resolutions to lose weight, eat better, start exercising, etc. We start off the New Year with the best of intentions and within a few weeks (right about now) we start falling back into old habits, get sore, get hurt, or … Continue reading

Exercise for Sciatic Pain from Piriformis Syndrome

By: Ron S. Miller, PT (Rearranged by Mandi Singleton) Piriformis Muscle Stretches Several of the stretching exercises commonly prescribed to treat sciatica symptoms  from piriformis muscle problems include: Supine piriformis stretches Lie on the back with the legs flat. Pull the affected leg up toward the chest, holding the knee with the hand on the … Continue reading

Understanding Pseudo-Sciatica.

By: Nicole Blankenship Sciatica! Is it or Isnʼt it? Sciatica is often thought of as a disease. However, sciatica is compression of the sciatic nerve. This may be caused by a slipped or a herniated disc in the lower back. If muscles are tighter on one side of the back it can cause sideways tilting, … Continue reading

Stop Smoking with HWI

By: Lisa Sullivan, CMT   We all know that smoking is harmful to the body, the environment, and the pocket book, but do we really understand the challenges smokers face in quitting?  Over the years smoking has gone from socially acceptable to socially unacceptable, alienating those who smoke, and putting a lot of pressure on … Continue reading

Bodywork: Reiki

By Mark Richards, CMT; 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner Reiki is a form of Energy Work.  This healing Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation dates back to 1922.  However, it’s roots are practically eternal and can be found in most every culture around the globe. Reiki is administered by “laying on hands” and is based … Continue reading

About Us at HOPE Wellness Institute

Suffering from chronic pain or stress?  HOPE Wellness Institute is here to assist you on your journey of growth and learning. We aid you in rehabilitation of pain and debilitating conditions by working with the physical, emotional, spiritual and soul bodies. Our primary clients are ones who have nearly lost HOPE after receiving little help … Continue reading